The Beginning

To be honest, I haven’t had much interest with children until I have my own. I wasn’t much prepared at all and it was quite a journey for me to accept that I have to cope with a little child who will voluntarily follow me around anywhere.


Watermelon Walk.

Well this era was probably one of the most challenging, because I just haven’t got a sense of motherhood yet I was occupied with this watermelon-y belly. I was still living in the city just next to Queen Victoria Market and some days I would just crave for watermelon and told my man to got some watermelon from the market. Then he came back with a whole watermelon and two rock melons, which – of course – triggered my hormonal emotion because I just wanted a slice of watermelon, not to slice a whole watermelon!

Early Days

In the early days of my son, I would start drawing things that I thought will be useful for him. I guess this was a way for me to relate to him.


Some Alphabet from old archive (they’re Indonesian words).

These were probably done in the first 6 months, along with some black and white doodles which were said to be beneficial to babies. I would put those drawings on the side of his cot for him to see. Not sure yet about the benefit, but I’ll ask my son when he’s bigger if he recalls that moment.


I guess after my son reached almost 17 months, I sort of got interested in the whole parenting thing. I came across Montessori method, which I found to be very empowering – for me and for the child. You know, I’ve been feeling like I’m more a servant to my child before, having to serve him food, carry him around, get him to sleep, and so on. It’s a lot of work. However, when I got into Montessori, I felt empowered because I don’t have to do everything for my son, rather I just facilitate and guide him. I believe I’m empowering my son as well to be curious, to be independent and to trust his instinct by just letting him be and guiding him. Anyhow, I’m still very much learning about this method too but I feel like I’m in the right direction. And you know what, when I feel empowered, that’s when I’m most inspired. I guess this is the time I fill my jug through this body of work.



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