Treasuring Childhood Moments

It all began on a hot summer night sometime in January this year with a refreshing glass of ice tea by my side.

I was thinking about a nice moment I had with my baby earlier that afternoon, when he was enjoying his bath time. I imagined what was on his mind… Dirt, soil, grass, wind and all kinds of feelings were on his skin, perhaps he didn’t want to wash them off… Perhaps he was thinking why should he take a bath, he was worried that all the fun he had will be washed away by the water… I started to be a bit poetic just thinking about bath time!

I’d like to keep that memory. In the evening, I started drawing that moment into a digital illustration. After I’ve finished my drawing, I thought about other parents out there who want to keep sweet moments in life too. I’m hoping that my illustration will be a keepsake of memories that can last for a good time.